PyConZA 2015: 1 & 2 October

Thursday ...

PyConZA starts this Thursday!

In case you've forgotten, the venue is the Wits Professional Development Hub.

Registration opens at 8:30, followed at 9:15 by the opening and Greg Kempe's keynote, Pragmatic Python for Social Change.

Thursday includes talks on Apache Kafka, CloudFlare, OpenCanary, number plate recognition, the split-apply-combine pattern, automating data processing in science and a machine learning tutorial.

The day closes with lightning talks and Petrus Janse van Rensburg's 30 minute summary of this year's PyCon Montréal.

If you have a lightning talk to offer, email with a title and a two-sentence description of the topic.

... & Friday!

The conference continues on Friday, kicking off with a panel discussion on Python in Production. Come ask our panel of experts their advice on deploying and running Python code in production environments -- and hear their war stories.

Friday includes talks on PyPy, Boost.Python, testing with Hypothesis, continuous deployment, Kivy, Object Orientation in Python, porting to Python 3 and a tutorial on doing number plate recognition with a Raspberry Pi.

During the closing, there'll be an opportunity for people attending sprints to announce what they'll be sprinting on, so that others interested in similar things can join them.

Join us on Friday evening for an outing to a nearby restaurant -- details of the location will be provided during the conference!

Sprints & Software Carpentry

Sprints will be taking place at JoziHub on the 3 & 4th October -- the Saturday and Sunday after the main conference.

Everyone interested in hacking on or with Python is welcome (even if you couldn't attend the conference itself).

Software Carpentry is happening at JoziHub alongside the sprints on the Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are required for Software Carpentry but can still be purchased on the SWC page.


None of this would be possible without our sponsors!

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